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instead of going to starbucks, i make my coffee at home, yell my name out incorrectly and then light a 5$ bill on fire

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Maybe his phone and everything got taken away and he was thinking of ways to kill everyone :3 HOPE IT MADE YOUR DAY!

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Yes! Lol! Also Hey please comment your fav song I don't know that many songs right now so u need some ideas.

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A Barista’s Worst Nightmare

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Pieces Of Handwriting That Are So Satisfying

Pieces Of Handwriting That Are So Satisfying

"To each his own, I suppose," she murmured. "These are suicide notes, are you really commenting on the quality?" Dawson scolded. "These are not suicide letters. These are final breathes, last words... These are pieces of art." -Grace S.

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First World Problems - Starbucks Edition plus Friday Frivolity

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YESSSS!!! If I ever work at a Starbucks I'm gonna do this and spell their names wrong whenever I can

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