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Stars Hollow Winter Holiday Travel Poster - Inspired by Gilmore Girls

Can you imagine drinking hot chocolate (aka ho-cho) and getting cozy next to a toasty fireplace this winter? As Lorelai would say, isnt everything magical when it snows? This is a limited edition winter version of the Stars Hollow Travel Poster. Gilmore Girls does such a wonderful job of representing seasons on the show that I was inspired to design this snow-filled version for fans to swap out with the original poster, just in time for the cold weather! Although this fan artwork was meant…

Gilmore Girls (Stars Hollow) Ultimate Fan Package! Print-11x14


The residence of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore -- 37 Maple Street, Stars Hollow, CT 06492 -- on the TV show "Gilmore Girls."


Gilmore Girls, Find Someone Nice To Hang Out with 'Till We Drop Dead Quote, Stars Hollow, Lorelai, Luke, Rory, Instant Download Digital Art


Get Ready to Fangirl Over This Monthly “Gilmore Girls” Subscription Box

Gilmore Girls Subscription Box OMG GET THIS FOR ME RIGHT NOW | This is more exciting than when Luke and Lorelai finally got back together!


Gilmore girls throw pillow cover, I'm pretending I live in Stars Hollow

You be Luke, Ill be Lorelai Not as snarky as I am? You may request to leave off the play along or go home. Shown on creamy white cotton with


The real places that inspired Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow