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These 20 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 6th One. There Are No Words.

This is a heartbreaking picture... I know this a depression board. But this is making me cry :( anyone else out there ?!?!?


Most History Books Don't Mention These 13 Women - And How They Changed Everything

"The Night Witches were Russian lady bombers who bombed German lines in WW2. Their ancient planes used to conk out halfway through their missions, so they had to climb out on the wings mid-flight to restart the props. The planes were also so noisy that to stop Germans from hearing them coming, they’d climb up to a certain height, coast down to german positions, drop their bombs, and restart their engines in midair. Their leader flew over 200 missions and was never captured."


The USS Langley was the United States first aircraft carrier. She was a converted collier (coal carrying ship) and was the first ship in the US to be propelled by electric engines. She was made in 1920. She was to be named the "Wright" after the Wright Brothers but a disagreement in the Pentagon caused the name to be changed. The Langley was bombed in the Pacific by the Japanese at the start of WW2 and had to be scuttled to prevent capture off Java. First carrier and first to be sunk in…

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Start of World War II: September 1939-March 1940

The Topeka Daily Capital: Hitler Opens War in Poland Orders Army Meet Force With Force; Starts Offensive Along Polish Border. (Friday, September 1, 1939)


His hand on her back brought no comfort as everything crumble in front of her. Tears rolled down her face, and she trembled in the face of destruction. There was nothing left for her here. She had made her decision, and there was no turning back. Unable to accept it, she covered her eyes in fear of what was going to happen next. Was there there even a place for her now? Jumping slightly, she heard a voice softly speak to her, "Uncover your eyes. This is where everything starts anew, Child."


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