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2. Charging System This is the heart of the electrical system. It consists of three main components: the belt-driven alternator, various electrical circuits, and a voltage regulator. The alternator supplies power to the electrical system and recharges the battery after your car has started. Just like it sounds, the voltage regulator controls the voltage, keeping it within the operating range of the electrical system.


1955 Autoette. The Autoette was a microcar created and manufactured from 1948 to 1970's by Royce Seevers, owner of the Autoette Electric Car Company Inc. of Long Beach, California. The two-seat, three-wheeled microcar was electric powered by specially made batteries from Trojan battery Co., and motive power provided by a converted 24-volt Dodge 1½ hp. electric starter motor and later a proprietary motor built for Autoette.

Motor City Coney Island Dip (AKA Cheesy Sloppy Joe Dip)

Motor City Coney Island Dip (AKA Cheesy Sloppy Joe Dip) - Easy, ready in 15 minutes, and tastes like sloppy Joes, minus the buns, and covered with cheese!! Great for parties or game day events! Irresistible!!


Convert Car Starter Motor for Go Kart Use

Details about Vespa 125 150 200 PX Arcobaleno T5 Starter Motor Relay / Cutout Relay #E135 @MGE

Vespa 125 150 200 PX Arcobaleno T5 Starter Motor Relay / Cutout Relay #E135 @MGE

1912 Stanley Steamer 88 Mountain Wagon. Stanley Steamers were made from 1902-1924 in Newton, Massachusetts. They had power,efficiency and didn't need cranking compared to most internal combustion vehicles of the time. The invention of the electric starter motor was the start of this make's demise. This car has a Mountain Wagon body; a sort of tour bus at places like Yellowstone National Park back in the day.


‘81 Yamaha XJ550 – Thirteen and Company

‘81 Yamaha XJ550 – Thirteen and Company. Automotive engineering is full of ideas that must have seemed great at the time but in the cold, hard light of day can tend to look a little less than inspired. Take Yamaha's XV750 for instance. An unbreakable engine that not only goes and sounds great, but also serves as a stressed member that the rest of the bike is built on. True...