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State Space Representation

Lena Levin's oil paintings linger at the edge between immediate and specific visual impressions and abstraction, between synthesis and analysis. Each painting is faithful to the reality of the moment, and yet none is realistic in the usual sense of the word; Her work explores the space between the supposed "reality" of the actual visual impression and the reality of its painted representation where the emotional state of the viewer is hidden.

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"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

Good for teaching the sequence of (city, state, country). Hard concept for little minds to grasp

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Fab freebie! Paragraph Writing - Hamburger Style! Includes a color graphic organizer, editing practice, two sample paragraphs, and exit tickets for the lesson. What a great value!

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Kansas State University (Bo) | Blogs | Archinect

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The Golden Mean or Phi Ratio - Stated simply, dynamic symmetry is the idea of dividing space such that the proportions of the whole are found in the parts. Probably the most well known example of this principle is found in the famous Phi ratio, which, in its simplest representation as a straight line, is divided asymmetrically such that the small segment is to the large segment as the large segment is to the whole line.

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Bell Witch Cave & Farm

Bell Witch Photos. The Bell farm is in a secluded area in Adams, Tennessee and it is a very beautiful representation of the state of Tennessee with it's rolling green hills and farm land. If you are interested in paranormal activity or if you are a history buff then the Bell Witch Cave and Farm will definately not dissapoint.

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"Pacifica Plein Air" by Lena Levin

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My Place in the World Geography Craft Review

My Place in the World Geography Craft Review from Still Playing School

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jaja architects - Forest Atelier

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Weekend Inspiration 16

this billboard is a sort of sarcastic approach to what is normally portrayed on billboards because it's deemed as beautiful (observation).

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