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A Textbook Of Statistical Mechanics 2E (Pb 2016)

The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017 Submitted by Brandon Smith via Yes the narrative of the new normal has been around for so long now that many people have simply grown used to it. The assumption is that the fiscal new normal has become the fiscal normal and though the fundamentals continue to strain under the weight of poor global demand and historic debt levitated by extraneous fiat stimulus the masses feel far less fear than is warranted. Hey why…

Satyendra Nath Bose (1894-1974), Indian physicist specializing in mathematical physics, best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the 1920s, providing the foundation for Bose–Einstein statistics and the theory of the Bose–Einstein condensate. The class of particles that obey Bose–Einstein statistics, bosons, was named after him by Paul Dirac. A self-taught scholar and a polyglot, his interests included physics, math, chem., bio., mineralogy, philosophy, arts, literature, & music.

The Business of Gamification  Link on Game Mechanics:

Using Gamification to Engage Your Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]


Max Born (1882-1970) | Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1954 "for his fundamental research in quantum mechanics, especially for his statistical interpretation of the wavefunction" | Birthplace: Breslau, Germany (Wrocław, Poland)


General formula sheet helpful for students of physics (statistical mechanicals, electrostatics, quantum mechanics, and motion), general chemistry, physical chemistry and physical analysis.


Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann (February 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906) was an Austrian physicist and philosopher whose greatest achievement was in the development of statistical mechanics, which explains and predicts how the properties of atoms (such as mass, charge, and structure) determine the physical properties of matter (such as viscosity, thermal conductivity, and diffusion).


Leonard Susskind (NYC, 1940) is widely regarded as one of the fathers of string theory. His research includes studying quark confinement, the development of Hamiltonian lattice gauge theory, the theory of symmetry breaking sometimes -technicolor theory-, cosmological baryogenesis, string theory of black hole entropy, the principle of black hole complementarity, the causal patch hypothesis, M-theory, including development of the BFSS matrix model and the ultimately weird holographic…


Crack NEET/AIPMT Physics/Chemistry/Biology - Set of 3 Books (Must for AIIMS & Other Medical Entrance Exams) Paperback – 2016

Crack NEET/AIPMT Physics/Chemistry/Biology - Set of 3 Books (Must for AIIMS & Other Medical Entrance Exams) Paperback ? 2016