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I'm going to eat you....just...umm....just stay put while I (yaaaawn) take a nap first, okay? Okay. Man! Why'd you make me chase you down?


Slowly but surely. This year many changes and im scared but i hope everything will pay off


Wow. This is such a good idea. I love the concept of different circumstances with the same characters. I mean, I do this all the time myself and there really is no way that the Supernatural finale will satisfy everyone. Honestly, at this point Supernatural has gone so far downhill that the odds of the finale satisfying anyone are slim. If there are different finales there's bound to be a good one.


Some of the Cat folk enjoy playing and interacting with the snow. One of our farm cats, Mitzi, would go out on very cold mornings when dry snow flakes were drifting down. She would dance about on her hind legs catching snowflakes, entranced, by them for long periods. Then she would sit and watch them land on her black fur as if admiring their intricate forms.


Uhm, what policies? I don't remember Trump talking about policies. I remember a lot of hate filled rants. Or maybe This refers to his "secret" plan for destroying Isis? Or His threats to silence the press? Or His great idea to shut down "parts" of the Internet? I think I would be mad at anything Donald makes good on because anything he would do would be a "hyuge" disaster for America.


I was seriously so mad at Ruby for interfering in this fight. Qrow needed to focus on Tyrian, not her. She should have stayed back and used her sniper rifle on Tyrian from afar every time he and Qrow separated. Even if she never landed a hit on him, she'd have worn him down quickly from making him dodge all the time. If Qrow hadn't been focused on Ruby, Tyrian would never have landed that hit on him. :-(


Here's how I keep track of all my assignments this semester! I have two check boxes: one for when I've turned in the assignment, and one for when it's been approved! I wrote this down in my bullet journal as soon as I got the term schedules! How do you use your bullet journal to stay organized in school/college?


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This is how this situation went down: Tyler: I want the king Everyone: Ty, that's not really fair... Tyler: But I'm the lead singer. Everyone: No, Tyler, that's still not- Tyler: Lead singer. Therefore, I get and do what I want.