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Hello, I believe "The Steady State Theory" explains how our Universe exists & I don't believe in the Big Bang Theory. Regards Peter !

Overturning a theory – Steady State vs Big Bang. steady_state_big_bangWhat happens when you have two theories that contradict each other, as is the case with the Steady State and Big Bang theories? For a very brief summery on these theories. the Steady State theory says the universe is Steady and doesn’t change whereas the Big Bang theory says the universe started at some point in time in a ‘big bang’. In this case, scientists make observations, hypothesis and testable predictions to figur…


Steady state theory discredited

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Hello, It now appears some scientists are starting to question the big bang theory & replacing it with the "steady state theory" instead. Personally speaking I can more readily accept our Universe has always existed then being created by a big bang (from nothing) some time in the past. Regards Peter !

Hello, If your a supporter of the "Steady State Theory" (like me) theoretically you can't dismiss the "Oscillating Theory" due to the fact it includes the provision for a Universe always being in existence. Regards Peter !

Alexander Friedmann (1888-1925). Russian physicist and mathematician, known for his pioneering theory that the universe was expanding, governed by a set of equations, known as the Friedmann equations. The cosmological model of general relativity would come to form the standard for both the Big Bang and Steady State theories. His work supports both theories equally. Was not until the detection of the CMB radiation that the Steady State theory was abandoned in favor of the Big Bang paradigm.


The heat death of the universe is a suggested ultimate fate of the universe in which the universe has diminished to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and therefore can no longer sustain processes that consume energy (including computation and life).

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