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23 Movie Scenes That Make You Cry Every Damn Time

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Stepmom (1998)

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Stepmom (1998)

StepMom - great movie with the divorced mom, the new girlfriend and how they bond for the sake of the children. Perfect casting!

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Stepmom (1998)

movies-tangible- i value movies because you can learn something from them like how to cook and life lessons.

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Ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from you.

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Julia Roberts. You make me smile no matter what role your playing. I always enjoy your films and your contagious smile. I always try to smile no matter what!

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Movies To Watch This Mother’s Day. By Sarah Khalid As a movie fanatic myself, and when a holiday comes along, I tend to look for movies that correspond with the themes that the holiday being. Family, Movies posts on Her City Lifestyle

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The Real "Stepmom" Movie House in New York

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