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jaimetalangue: NORMAL family grandmother: η γιαγιά grandfather: ο παππούς pet: το κατοικίδιο ζώο parents: οι γονείς οι γονιοί mother: η μητέρα mum: η μαμά father: ο πατέρας dad: ο μπαμπάς siblings sisters and brothers: τα αδέλφια sister: η αδελφή brother: ο αδελφός niece: η ανεψιά nephew: ο ανεψιός aunt: η θεία uncle: ο θείος cousin f: η ξάδερφη cousin m: ο ξάδερφος STEPfamily stepmother: η μητριά stepfather: ο πατριός half-sister stepsister: η ετεροθαλής αδελφή half-brother stepbrother…

Desperate to escape a life of poverty and hardship in Philadelphia, Mariah Cooper answers a newspaper advertisement and heads west to become the housekeeper at Destino, the Northern California cattle ranch owned by Logan Yates. The son of a prosperous black rancher, Logan has had every advantage in life, thanks to his father's money and his Spanish stepmother's position in society. As such, he's accustomed to getting his way, until beautiful, headstrong Mariah shows up.

50 Things To Say to Your Husband to Make Him Feel Great


I love you and have missed you everyday since you passed away my sweet Cinnamon. You will live in my heart forever little girl.


I love both my beautiful stepdaughters very much and am so thankful God allowed them to be a part of my life...but this is pretty much a true saying!!


The truth WILL come out and the child will see all of the evidence. They will see how you lied to them and alienated them from their dad and family. Stop Parental Alienation!


I love those three kids so much. So blessed to have them in my life and they supported our relationship before we knew each other. Who would have thought that my nephews best friends father and long time football coach would be the love of my life.


Don't hate me for being a great step mom to your daughter. Its sad. Jealousy has gone a long way with you and it doesn't seem to get better its getting worse. Well different day same dumb as shit.