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I just don't understand some of these pins on here. Let's be honest, being pale and having brown hair makes you just as much of a "stereotypical" white girl as any tan, blonde one. Shoot, let's just go ahead and add pale/tan red heads to it too. :) Have a nice day, white girls.

Ok I dont think im a true white girl. I'm translucent. Not tan. I hate Katy Perry, and have never seen Pretty little liars. And I hate pumpkin. But I do love me some nutella, and yoga pants...

Racism today doesn't just apply to people with darker skin, a very frequent kind of racism happening today - although it is meant to be comedic - Is actually the "white girl" stereotypes.

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do you ever see your favorite account post something and your like omg I want to be their friend but you are to awkward to ever start a conversation cause yeah that's me