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Mounted on a refrigerator with sticky-backed Velcro, this customized heart vase wedding favor becomes a gift that your guests will keep. Shown with silk orchids - but it's a real bud vase that can hold fresh flowers.

Sticky-backed Velcro gets the heat gun treatment to toughen it up and silence…

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Detalles acerca de VELCRO Adhesivo posterior de 3/4 Pulgadas por 25 yardas cinta de gancho, Negro- mostrar título original

Sticky Back Velcro Black Velcro Hook Tape Home Improvement Fastening Tool New #VELCROBrand

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I Tried Out 4 Lazy-Girl Shirt-Gapping Solutions, And Got Surprisingly Lucky

Next, I tried some sticky back Velcro tape for fabric! | I Won The Battle Against Button-Down Boob Gapping For Under $15

Structured sort by color + fine motor task. Students sort links by color into cups. Have students take the links apart in order to sort to make the task harder. Cups are on velcro so they can be moved to change the order. Made using: colored duct tape, baby food containers, half of a 3-ring binder, box that my checks came in, plastic links, sticky backed velcro


bug party activity. Party blower frog catching flies game. Flies were printed off the internet and cut out. We used construction paper because it is heavy enough to support a Velcro spot and light enough to be lifted off the kitchen table by the party blower frog tongue. . We took round sticky backed Velcro spots and put the side that has the hook on it on to the end of party blowers facing down. Then we took round sticky backed Velcro spots with loops and placed them on the flies.

Thirty One flat iron case - use sticky backed velcro tape to adhere it to the inside of a cabinet door. You won't have to wait for it to cool off to put it away! Then, when you need to pack it in your suitcase, just peel it off the cabinet ! Genius!


Teen craft wallet. Reuse vinyl from summer reading banners to make super easy simple wallets. No sewing, just use duct tape for the edges and seams. Use sticky backed Velcro for fasteners. We just cut the vinyl in rectangles, folded, taped, and added the Velcro. This was part of our Teen "Craft-O-Rama".


Velcro - When your students slide their chairs away or push their desk away. Simply buy sticky back Velcro place the hook (rough) side under the feet of the chair and/or desk and the student will no longer be able to slide away.