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Fun DIY Trick Or Treat bag! Cut thin strips of Velcro fasteners to make "sticky" webs and spiders kids can move around while they trick-or-treat for Halloween


10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Make a sticky spider web. Hands on as we Grow came up with this wonderful activity where you make a painter’s tape spiderweb and throw newspaper balls at it and try to make them stick.


How are spiders able to walk on their own web without getting stuck? Have students dip their fingertips into cooking oil and then “walk” their fingers across the sticky side of a piece of tape.


Learning from Preschoolers: Throwing "flies" into a spider web

Our classroom was full of flies last week. (Fortunately none of them were real; licensing is due any day now.) The kids, when they arrived last Monday morning, found a hula hoop, full of tape, hanging from the ceiling in a corner of our pretend center.