Sean William Scott (Kar) from Bulletproof Monk.You might also know him from The American Pie series where he played Steve Stifler.

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Seann William Scott as Stifler in American Pie's

Seann William Scott then: Literally Stifler. He would sleep with your mom

Steve Stifler- American Pie The "stiffmeister" resembles Lawrence because he is selfish in movies and loves young girls. He doesn't have kids like Lawrence but if he did, he would cheat on her.

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Who doesn't love American Pie? (;

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American Pie. Pure class.

Stifler's Best Lines From The American Pie Series

"American Pie" is overrated IMO - BUT Stifler does have some great lines. "Stifler’s Best Lines From The American Pie Series"

Stifler is one hell of a funny guy. He was always getting the gang in American Pie in trouble, but you've got to love him.

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Stifler's Best Lines From The American Pie Series

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But being in a pseudo relationship with this man had me questioning everything: I have to shave my legs FOUR times a week now? Am I drunk enough for this? And Is he sober enough for…anything?