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Community Post: 15 Reasons Why You Should Ship Stydia From "Teen Wolf"

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Stiles is always coming to rescue Lydia #Martinski #Stydia #TeenWolf

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I'm sorry, I have an unhealthy obsession with Stydia, this cannot be good for me.

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16 Best Teen Wolf Quotes from A Novel Approach (5x05

Teen Wolf Quote from 5x05 │ Stiles Stilinski: I’m not letting you go to a place where once of the orderlies almost killed you. Lydia Martin: He almost killed you too. Stiles Stilinski: And we’re both still alive. See? Teamwork.

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Stydia is endgameeee

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10 DAYS UNTIL TEEN WOLF SEASON 6 PREMIERE - “The actual ‘I love you’ scene between Stiles and Lydia is far more dramatic when seen in full.” -TV Line

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"It was either the worst or best decision I've ever made..." -Alex on kissing Roxy(What makes this better is it's Stydia...who I quite frankly ship!)

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