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Made by Randy Jones. Stevensville, MT. Made for Kim. Sunflowers, faux stirrup leathers, light, wade, patch seat, roping saddle, pineapple stirrups, Kim's design, Ben Swanke tree


Specs: Wade Tree - by Rick Reed 93 degree Bars 16 inch seat, 7/8ths flat plate riggin, 4 - 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Stirrups, Cantle is 4 an...


How to Twist and Turn Stirrup Leathers, Also called Nevada, Hamley, Arizona or Cowboy Twist: How to Twist & Wrap Your Stirrup Leathers on a Western Saddle


Espically when your stirrup leathers are really thick and you are sitting there trying to pull it up and then you give up and ask your trainer to do it...


8 & 1/2 Half Breed Wade Saddle by Keith Valley Specs: Wade tree by Rick Reed 16 inch seat Gullet - 7 & 1/2H by 6 & 1/4W by 4 93 Degree Bars Horn - 3 & 5/8ths high by 4 & 1/2 Guatelajara Cantle - 4&1/2 inches high by 12&1/2 inches wide Cheyenne Roll - 1 & 3/4 inches 7/8ths flat plate riggin Geometric Border with Sheridan Style Floral Stainless Steel Hardware - by Harwood 4&1/2 inch Monel Stirrups Santa Barbara twisted stirrup leathers Full length stirrup leathers 32 inch 100% Mohair Roper…


Here is an old way to twist your stirrups so they don't put so much pressure on your knees. Some wet the leather first then twist and hang a heavy item, a bucket filled with water here, so when the leather dries it will keep your stirrups hanging so it is easier to get your feet in them with less pressure on knees.


Any English rider knows how frustrating it is when the stirrups scratch and scuff your beautiful leather saddle that you paid so much for. Now you can protect your saddle with these fashionable fleece stirrup covers! Made from very soft fleece fabric, the drawstring bag style easily ties to stirrup leathers when up for lunging and storage, but can also be used when stirrups are down. These covers are excellent for lunging, transport, and everyday storage to protect your saddle.