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"Stock Charts" Training How to Read an Hourly Stock Market Charts -


When it comes to stock market or foreign exchange trading, you can’t ignore the importance of reading the market chart. The main purpose of reading the chart is to know the market trend; whether there is an upward trend or a downward trend in the market. It helps traders knowing the market breath.

Chart of the 2008-2009 stock market crash.

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How to Make a Stock Market High, Low, and Close Prices Chart in Excel

How to Make a Stock Market High, Low, and Close Prices Chart in Excel: Creating a Basic Stock Market Chart


Is the word “stock market” sounds familiar to you? If it is, still there are some individuals that are not familiar with the terms like “stock”, “bulls and bears”, “buying and selling of stocks”, and “stock market charts. For those who don’t have financial experience, even the term “stock market” itself stays a point of misunderstanding.

Take your knowledge of stock market trends to the next level with this lesson on plotting support and resistance using ProRealTime stock market charts.


Ready to invest in the stock market? Start your journey by learning how to read a ProRealTime stock market chart and use it for tock market analysis.

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