Interested in trying your hand in the stock market? Here are 10 stocks for beginners you should consider dipping your feet in next year.

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Just because you don't have much money to invest doesn't mean you should stay out of the market. Here's how you can still grow your wealth!

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This video is a brief overview of the 1929 stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. People before the crash were living life lavishly, industries were booming, people were consuming at an exponential rate. Economist and other thought this prosperous time would last, people were investing like crazy in the stock market hoping to make money. Yet, Americans overlooked how there attitudes towards spending and investing might come to a halt, it had plateaued and fell hard October…

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Stock Market Explained in Simple [Infographic] - history timeline, infografía, infografica, infografik, INFOGRAPHIC, infographique, london stock exchange, nasdaq, NYSE, Stock Market, Timeline, Tokyo Stock,

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This fun and informative stock market project has students research companies they want to invest in for a simulation of how the stock market and investing work! It's great for an economics class or when you cover the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression in US History. I use it in the middle of the year and then we periodically check each of their portfolios as the year goes on to see how each student's investments are doing. Included in the download are: ♠ A detailed…

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