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Stoic Meaning

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stoicism meaning - the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint. synonyms: patience, forbearance, resignation, lack of protest, lack of complaint, fortitude, endurance, acceptance, acceptance of the inevitable, fatalism, philosophicalness, impassivity, dispassion, phlegm, imperturbability, calmness, coolness, cool; stolidness; Dunkirk spirit; informalunflappability; rarelonganimity "she accepted her sufferings with remarkable stoicism"

What is the meaning of disaffected In Hindi Meaning of disaffected in Hindi SYNONYMS AND OTHER WORDS FOR disaffected असन्तुष्ट→disaffected,dissatisfied उदासीन→Stoic,chill,disaffected,indiffusible,laodicean,nonchalant असंतुष्ट→dissatisfied,unsatisfied,discontented,disaffected,discontent,uncontented नाराज़→sore,uns...**PHILOSOPHERPosidonius-- (Greek: Ποσειδώνιος, Poseidonios, meaning "of Poseidon") "of Apameia" (ὁ Ἀπαμεύς) or "of Rhodes" (ὁ Ῥόδιος) (c. 135 BCE – c. 51 BCE), was a Greek Stoic philosopher, politician, polymath, astronomer, geographer, historian and teacher native to Apamea, Syria.

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The Atrium Zenon Hotel Appartments derived its name from the words "Atrium", meaning space, and "Zenon", which is the name of the founder of the ancient stoic school of philosophy based in Athens.