Stone Age cave paintings have been found in many caves in Europe. Painted between 35,000 and 15,000 years ago by early modern humans we call Cro-Magnons. The paintings are magical, often realistic and depict mainly large wild animals though hand prints are common. The images were painted using charcoal, powdered rocks and minerals mixed with water or fat. We cannot be sure exactly why people made these paintings.

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Stone Age Animals Large Display Cut Out Pack - stone age, animals, display

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Prehistoric cave painting- 35,000 years ago. -Animals were important for very basic reasons in this time period. They were used for food, clothes, tools, and most interactions between them and humans remained primal. -Depicted as flat, basic earth tones, usually through daily life scenes, such as the hunters above.

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Prehistoric artists employed a wide variety of painting methods, using their fingers first and later pointed sticks, bone, pads of moss wrapped in hide or brushes made of animal hair, feathers or vegetable fibre. Ochre crayons were also used to apply pigment directly onto the surface. They also used spray painting techniques, by spitting out the mixed paint from their mouths and even using reeds or specially hollowed bones - saliva acts as a binder

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I just LOVE old movie and awesome band posters! --- Queens of the Stone Age poster by Rhys Cooper

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Stone Age art idea - woolly mammoth simply made from plastic milk carton, paper and white pipe cleaners! From

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9,500 year old Stone age carved ram with twisted horns - proportions are anatomically correct. Created by ancient inhabitants of what is now Israel at a crucial period in human history when people abandoned nomadic lifestyles for villages and sedentary agriculture and made significant progress in the domestication of crops and livestock. The site at Tel Motza appears to have been one of the largest settlements in the area at that time notable for 2 story dwellings.

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