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I hate when people whine saying they've had a rough life! You're an adult now!! Start acting like one!! I don't care who raised you or how you were raised!! Everyone knows right from wrong, they just don't always give a shit!! Start giving a shit!! Stop crying over your mistakes and stop making them!! Rant over. Lol


No ~ you just have to care smart. A strong person NEVER stops caring ~ they just learn their boundaries & distance themselves just enough.


And then all of sudden she changed. She came back a completely different person with a new mindset, a new outlook, a new soul The girl that once care way too much about everyone and everything No longer cared at all quote


I learned this the hard way - When they don't care, STOP expecting them to. In some situations and for some people there is no hope, so stop beating your heart against the wall.

Every+time+I+trust+someone+new,+they+end+up+reminding+me+why+I+shouldn't+trust+anyone+at+all. Picture Quotes.