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Between the emails, photos, and recordings, how are you going to wiggle out of all of this?

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I say this all the time to people. Healthy relationships have arguments. I would worry more about people who don't ever fight...or they are lying.

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Your birthday is the happiest day of my life - birthday gift baby shower - digital print - 8x10 on A4

Truer words have never been spoken. I could be big again so easily. It's scary. I always wished to be thin before thinking I'd NEVER let myself get big again if I could start over. Well, it's not any easier to avoid my addiction thinner than it was heavier. I could be big again so scares me.

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thank you to some of my closest family, for teaching me this lesson. My heart is still breaking. 8-20-13

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Get strong! Be real & for gods sake stop all your lies & trying to be in our lives!! Your days of being anything at all to us ( especially him) is over! Move on! Get a hobby, a real job, an education & your OWN man!!

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"What IS Truth?" - Pontius Pilate (31AD) "I am the way, the Truth, and the light." -Jesus Christ"

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Do the Living World a favor, assholes and stop lying about how special and important you are. You're not, and your lying bullshit is turning the world into shit to feed your parasitic asshole.

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Aw...shit pissing you should stop being a god damn no good rotten two faced mother fucker then. <3

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