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Stop thinking so hard about everything, stop over analyzing. Just go. Just do. If it feels right, just go with the flow.

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And there came a point I stopped talking about u, I stopped thinking about u, and I started getting over u. i started living again.

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If you can't stop thinking about something, then it might your calling. #inspired #quotes

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Inspirational Things

Think positive, be positive, and be you in a positive way. Stop worrying it will stop you from thinking happy thoughts. Its time we worry only about how to stop worrying and to just be happy.

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I. Can't. Stop. Thinking. I'm thinking about you, about her, about him, about school, about work, about everyone I have to call tomorrow, about wtf I'm gonna do. Idk what to do. I don't know. I just want to stop thinking so I can fucking sleep. It's 3am.

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 248

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