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A line drawing of the components of a straw bale wall panel. On the outside are generic beams, a suspended ceiling, blocking piece, a visqueen damproof membrane or equivalent, marmoleum floor covering or equivalent. The second layer includes an aluminium angle to form render stop and shadow line, recycled plywood on the ladder frame in plantation pinus notched around and fixed to columns, galvanised metal angle fixed to slab to locate lower plate and provide tipping fulcrum for strawbale ...


window seat Strawbale construction: 3 times the insulation value of a conventional wall; 3 times more fire proof than a conventional home (yes, you read that right!); lessens pollution by using a waste material that normally contributes significantly to the pollution cycle; ideal building system for the owner builder; incredibly sound proof; able to withstand natural disasters


Strawbale Construction

If you've been thinking about building a straw bale home, this book is a great place to Strawbale Home Plans is an inspiring and diverse collection of strawbale buildings. Description from I searched for this on


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Wine Country Estate - SMS Straw Bale - Straw-bale construction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Earth Sweet Home - Off the Grid Straw Bale Construction Click on Construction Details for further information.