The June full moon — sometimes called the "Strawberry Moon" — is luminous and colorful in these beautiful photographs from readers (and one astronaut).

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Summer Solstice Coincides With Full ‘Strawberry’ Moon for First Time in Nearly 70 Years

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JUNE STRAWBERRY MOON Strawberry time. Picking by moonlight is said to honour the crops. Also known as the Rose Moon

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Images of Strawberry Moon - holy crap that's beautiful!!

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Strawberry Moon, TONIGHT. The occasion is so rare because the solstice and the full moon don't often coincide. It's been 70 years since last one. It's also rare that the full moon will be in the sky all evening long, and tonight will be the only day this month that happens. The Strawberry Moon is going to be broadcast live on YouTube.Wont happen again until 2062

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Never Stop Looking Up * You Daily Brain Vitamin * If you don't look up now and then, you miss things. Like the solstice strawberry moon. It was amazing! * Strawberry Moon * Summer Solstice * motivation * inspiration * quotes * quote of the day * QOTD * qu

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This year the heavenly bodies seem to have conspired to sweeten the pot with an event we haven’t seen in 70 years.

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