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I don't don't know if it's sad or awesome that this did occur to me.

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*Sobs* FEELS... Not okay... *Hides under covers* // Doctor Who, - Tumblr, - Funny, - Humor, - Jokes, - Geek, - Fandom, - Sad.

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Supernatural/Doctor Who (via: )

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"Harry Potter is cool!" YAY!!! My two favorite things together ... The Doctor and Harry Potter

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in bed above or deep asleep while greater love lies further deep. This stream must end this world must know we all depend on the beast below

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See this guide to know how to watch Doctor Who Series 10 for Free on BBC iPlayer #iplayer #bbcone #doctorwho #drwho #streaming

Doctor Who. Eleventh Doctor and Tenth Doctor. Amy Pond and Donna Noble. All the feels.

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