Let the music move you

Dance exercise online live and free video. Downloand dance exercise DVD and start your dance exercise at your home which will give you fast.

Andrea Parker, one of the best British breakdance performers

UDC provides street dancers for corporate events, shows, pop videos and entertainment.

I'm learning how to do this in my dance class «can already do this

I'm learning how to do this in my dance class «can already do this<<< I have no dance ability

Hey, you. Yes YOU - Come and dance. http://chloethurlow.com/2014/07/possessions/

Chachi gonzales~~ really young and really talented! she's part of a dance crew called i.Am.Me check them out! they were on ABDC


go to dance lessons and learn to dance, ballroom dances, hip hop, street dance.

Dance scene that favors a 90 degree dutch. A concept that exploits perspective shift. Think poor man's Inception hallway fight scene. Depth, lines.

I could see my older son carrying the boom box, while my younger son does some acro pose behind him. And may be hard to do on a road.

Movers and Shakers : The Newbie's Guide to Commercial Dance in L.A. |

Movers and Shakers : The Newbie’s Guide to Commercial Dance in L.A.

"GO BIG OR GO HOME." Hire Lai Rupe for some amazing Jazz-Hop Chorjjjeography. Mixing Jazz, Hip Hop, and Breaking in competition routines will blow the judges away!