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20 Best Shadowhunters Quotes from 'A Door Into the Dark' (2x02

Quote from Shadowhunters 2x02 │ Street fighter: I don’t fight girls, especially hot ones. Isabelle Lightwood: Then I guess it’s gonna be really one-sided. (after she kicks his ass) Still want to take me home?

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10 Best Street Fight Techniques Never brawl, never throw haymakers, Try to remain calm and focus. Do your technique correctly. The best part of the body is aim is the kneecap. A solid kick to the kneecap. It will break easily. Never let yourself out of control. A straight strong jab or a Palm Heel Strike driven upto the chin A straight punch and bend your knees and move your hips forward in during your punch because it will put power into your punch :)

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Top 5 Most Devastating Strikes In a Street Fight My favourite strike is the Palm Heel Strike. But it can be lethal. Be careful in the way you execute it. Just hurt the person and run away :)

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Krav maga video demonstrations and real situations. Real street fights and knockouts. Krav Maga vs mma: Martial arts in the streets are different from the do...

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7 Self Defense Techniques You Need To Know

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The Best First Punch To Throw in a Street Fight | Shane Fazen | #streetfight #selfdefence

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