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Everyone thinks I'm overly dramatic when I'm stressed. When the octopus is stressed, it eats itself. Now that's over dramatic.


Happy Hour (30 Photos) - April 3, 2015

Happy Hour (30 Photos) - April 3, 2015 - Suburban Men - April 3, 2015 More


One final, two assignments and I'll be 90% done with my MBA #icandoit

Dealing With The Stress Of Working - HypeHumor

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If i manage to Survive the rest of the week, I would like my straight jacket in hot pink & my helmet to sparkle. More


Seriously, we are so burdened with stress, deadlines, and oftentimes unnecessary duties that we can't even allow ourselves to fall down when we need to!


Choice Limits the Stress of Creative Work - Productive Flourishing -

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