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The object of this exercise is to say the name of the color the word is printed in, not what the word says. The second part of this brain teaser is you must say it at a normal speaking pace. I will even give you three tries to get through it without slowing down. Can’t seem to get it? Do not worry, you are not the only one having trouble.

Stroop effect: The Stroop Test is a psychological test that tests both sides of the brain and how you interperate things.

In this brain teaser there is a conflict between what we read and what we perceive. Yellow should not be green. Red should not be blue This brain teaser causes both sides of your brain to work at the same time and that is not something that is usually done. Some theories state that the brain reads words faster than it recognizes colors. So when you go to say the color your mind has already read the word

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Gender & The Stroop Effect

Gender and the Stroop Effect Elementary and Middle School Science Fair Project