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Cells Task Cards with Game Board {Editable Template}

This set of 80 Cell Task Cards with editable template is a fun and effective way for student to review cell structures and functions. These task cards will support individual review (especially for early finishers) as well as promote student centered collaborative learning that will keep students engaged while reinforcing concepts at the same time. The game board will turn the the task cards into a fun review game that will have your students asking for more!

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Edible Jello Animal Cell - FUN hands on #homeschool #science lesson for #biology. Lots of other fun Science ideas!

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I created this edible "phospholipid bilayer" activity to help my students remember the structure and key parts of a typical cell membrane. Each student receives a snack bag with 8 marshmallows, 2 two inch sections of pull peel licorice, and 1 four inch piece of a red vine licorice (I used grape flavored red vines this year as the "Purple" transport "Protein".) After completing a worksheet about the functions key parts of a cell membrane, we each assemble one pair share about each part. :)

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Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version.mkv

Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version. This is an *epic* video bringing light to the mind-boggling complexity of inner-cellular functions. Just wow. :)

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Cell Organelles Matching Worksheet

Cell Organelles (Structure and Function) Matching Worksheet - Cells. This is a worksheet on cell organelles and their functions. There are 45 questions set up in a matching format. All questions deal with either the structure of the organelle or the functions of the organelles. Students will choose from a word bank of 21 organelles. $

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▶ DNA Replication: The Cell's Extreme Team Sport - YouTube. Ever wonder how all the new cells in your body get a copy of your DNA? DNA replication is a very intricate and fascinating process you don't want to miss. In this video, we'll give a brief overview of DNA replication for eukaryote cells and introduce 4 key players: ligase, DNA polymerase, primase, and helicase. We'll also talk about why DNA can either run 5' to 3' or 3' to 5' by exploring the structure of DNA.

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