Georgia, Tblisi, “Andropov’s Ears” 1983 Architects: P.Kalandarishvili, G.Potskhishvili #socialist #brutalism #architecture All rights reserved by Frédéric Chaubin

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Anatomy of the Inner Ear anatomy poster

Anatomy of the Inner Ear anatomy poster beautifully illustrates temporal bone and structures of the ear.

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Reflexology Ear Chart

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that is derived from Chinese traditional medicine and refers to structured pattern of pressure applied to various parts of the body, such as the feet and hands. Ear is another structure that is widely enervated and is believed to be connected to other organs of the body through autonomous nervous system

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How to draw ears - there's a video on the site too. this pin is of the "y and question mark" analogy. All from Stanislav Prokopenko's website.

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In this video tutorial I dig deep into the ears and explore ear anatomy and structure to show how to draw an ear. Learn how to simplify the complex forms of the ear.

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Step 1: Skeleton Sketch your basic structure outline. For the torso we will of course need the vertebrae, ribcage and pelvis. Don't worry about sketching these the -exact- shape of the actual bones...

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