The Compound-Complex Sentence: In this activity, students enhance their understanding of sentence structure by identifying the clauses in complex-compound sentences; students also classify types of sentences as compound, complex, or compound-complex. The set features grammar posters, 40 task cards, and a matching build-your-own storage case for fun and convenient organization of your cards!Whats included? 40 task cards, which feature compound and complex sentence practice Instructions for…

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This great little freebie combines sentence structure and sight word practice for a fun and easy pocket chart center activity. Students simply use the 7 pictures to help them unscramble the 7 mixed-up sentences. Each sentence begins with "This snowman." Extension worksheet included (both in colour and black & white).To see pictures and an explanation of how I use this in my classroom, visit my blog post:Snowman Week & 2D Geometry FREEBIES!

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FREE! Recalling Sentences with a Subordinate Clause and Multiple Modifiers provides 32 cards to improve a student's ability to remember spoken sentences of increased complexity in meaning and structure.see a complete version here: Recalling Sentences: Expressive & Receptive Language with 40 more cards, worksheets for complex sentences and more games includedThis skill is required for following academic instructions, note taking, etc.

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Ms. Lane's SLP Materials: Auditory Memory-Recalling Sentences (3-5 Words) Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

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