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7 Student Loan Resources

Suffering from student loan debt? I am. That's why I created this guide with 7 resources for people with student loan debt. I've gone from $206k to $122k and I've used these tools to help me get there. I couldn't have done it alone. | Financegirl

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Secret Ways To Get Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs – Three loan types where you only pay a certain (low) percentage of your discretionary income and if the entire amount at the end of your loan (e.g., 20 years) hasn't been paid off, it's forgiven. | The College Investor

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1000 Life Hacks: How about help paying off college loans in exchange for volunteer work

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5 Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for Nurses, Teachers, Military, and Others

If you are a teacher looking for student loan forgiveness, we have four tips that can help you pay off up to of your education debt. Check them out!

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Got Student Loans? We built Gradible to help you get out faster

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I'm a firefighter and have been really struggling to make my student loan payments... I saw an ad about student loan forgiveness and didn't believe it was true. But it really is.. These federal programs are out there and are designed to help borrowers get some relief. This one for the public service individuals has really saved my family and me. I'm very grateful I'm enrolled in the program and will have my loans FULLY forgiven... Read more about it at

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The Clever Way I'm Paying off Student Loans (Without using my own money!) - Terrific Words Debt Payoff Tips, #Debt save money in college, fast ways to save money

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How to Calculate Your Real Debt and the Quickest-Least Expensive Way to Pay It Off

How to Calculate Your Real Debt and the Quickest-Least Expensive Way to Pay It Off Debt, Debt Payoff,, #Debt

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debt-snowball no debt but good for some people, good teaching tool for kids to stay out of debit!!! student loan debt refinance student loan debt #debt #studentloan #studentloandebt

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