Why are these notes prettier than me? | Community Post: 18 Gorgeous Study Notes That Should Be Framed As Art

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sjadin: 1/100 ➵ 190216 My love for perfection always ends up in procrastination, so I’m really excited to finally start with this challenge, yay! These are my Algebra notes for my big exam in July…and I’m quite happy with this writing system now.

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studypetals: 4.8.16+7:35pm // 32/100 days of productivity // when i first got my mildliners, i had no idea how to use them. made this page after trying some tricks!

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studypetals: 3.20.16+5:20pm // 20/100 days of productivity // i wanted to show how i organized my notes, so i made a little reference page on the plane ride back home. zoom in for better quality! song of the day: “young and stupid” - travis mills ft. t.i.

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