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The Summer Disease: It's Called Slacking

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Took the words right out of my mouth (19 photos)

Literally me this entire week. But now finals are done which is why I'm on Pinterest again!

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15 Memes That Are So "Me at College" It Hurts

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As I am now 21 this does not reassure me. All the guys I know are either assholes or in a long term relationship. Well this is just great

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A not-so-happy little headbanger

Definitely this week. 5 page paper,film project including a 10 pg essay, 2 book reports, midterm and 1 exam.

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19 Pictures That Sum Up Life When You're Bad At Math

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When its a history exam Me: *dressed up as hamilton* Brain: *intensely playing Hamilton* *ACES IT AND WALKS OUT PLAYING CABNIET MEETING!*

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