Honestly. It's just a stupid crush. He hardly is even aware of your existence. Don't waste your time. He isn't wasting his thinking about you when there are so many other prettier, thinner, funnier, and happier girls around.

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not really my fault though. it was impossible not to be deceived by all your words and gestures. you deserve an award for the role that you played.

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Why are guys so afraid to show feelings? Stupid pride. That is so true. I will truly try to stop trying so much when it comes to guys.

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I Hate When Guys Do This Its Confusing they just stop texting u after they make u feel special.why?!

yeah, hate to break it to teenage girls, but this is not just an adolescence problem. guys suck.

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it's for satisfying mans believing that size matters :))) which leads to believing that they are smarter :D :D

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You really can't see it huh? The way she looks at you isn't the same way she looks at other guys.

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