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subcutaneous emphysema - Medical Stories - Condition | Our Health

Necrotising faciitis in a diabetic foot: There is extensive subcutaneous emphysema tracking along the facial planes throughout the foot and distal leg. Note that the proximal extent of the subcutaneous gas is not visualized.

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Sucking Chest Wound- Treat by using an occlusive dressing to seal wound. Signs and symptoms include subcutaneous emphysema and crepitus.

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Boerhaave Syndrome has a higher incidence in the male gender, at an average of 50 years of age.11 Its predisposing factors would be alcoholism, a neurological disease, a peptic ulcer, a hiatal hernia or arterial hypertension.12 However, many sick individuals do not present any of these disorders. The classic clinical triad includes: vomiting, pain in the chest and subcutaneous emphysema.13

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