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Integer War - hilarious video with green and red army men as manipulatives. Also a post about order of operations...wonder if this could be made into a philosophical chair to warrant more discussion.


Integer Addition and Subtraction page. After answering all of the questions, students color in according to the key at the top of the page. The finished product is a fish! Answer key is a different pin.


Positive and Negative Numbers

Teaching in Room A neat (and concrete) way to teach adding and subtracting with negative integers. Click through for a better explanation, but the "direction" is if you face neg or pos, and the "how he walks" is forward (+) or backward (-). Clever.


FREE! These integers math stations are perfect to engage students in analyzing integers. Students will develop a deep understanding of adding and subtracting integers after completing these math stations.There are four math stations. Adding Integers with a Number Line: students will write integer problems given a problem modeled on a number line.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Integers Maze Activity

Integers Maze is a fun and quick way to practice adding and subtracting integers that can be used as classwork, homework, or assessment. Students love solving problems with integers in a novel way, and these mazes are perfect for getting those extra repetitions in!Includes: 2 mazes with addition and subtraction of positive & negative integers and answer keys.


Addition and subtraction anchor charts I made to help the kids remember which way to go on the number line.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Balanced Checkbook - Math Project

This project puts students into the real life situation of balancing a checkbook, paying bills on a set budget and determining the importance of certain luxuries, as well as saving for unexpected emergencies. While working on problem solving and creative thinking, students also work on division, addition, subtraction and estimation. A simple grading rubric has been built in to give students guidance and feedback. All for just $4.50.