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How to Make Flavored Sugar Cubes

Flavored sugar cubes add a special touch to any occasion. They are also super simple to make using only a few ingredients. Find out how with these step by step photos and instructions.


Ever thought about serving coffee or tea with a customized sugar cube? Were we found the answer with this great DIY idea. We made ourselves some hearts last weekend it was actually quite easy to do. I am planing on having some friends and family over and see if they notice.

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How to Make Flavored Sugar Cubes

How to Make Flavored Sugar Cubes - Ingreds: gel food color, hard candy flavor, granulated sugar, mold. Pictured are lemon and orange flavors. Both are delicious in tea, and the orange is especially good in a cup of coffee.

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Pinkies Out: How to Make Homemade Sugar Cubes

In spite of their pinkies-out appearance, making sugar cubes is crazy easy — and so adorable. You simply MUST learn how to make them. Learn how. On Craftsy!


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