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Tors Duce: Ice Blue Sparkle Mosaic Bag Seed beads to reflect the ice glittering in the sun

5 Pieces of Jewelry to Take On Your Summer Vacation (and What to Leave Behind


Original song performed by Sun Glitters, remixed by Regal Safari. Stay updated and support me on Facebook, All rights and images reserved for Elena Kalis. ________________________________________________________________ Support Sun Glitters and Regal Safari and check him out at ...


25% OFF! For Sale: Sun Glitter Mermaid Rides A Dolphin by Genevieve Esson | $150 | 8"w 10"h | Original Art | @VangoArt

Nail Recipe: Peach Colored Nails w/ 2 Gold Stud Accents towards the cuticles of the thumb middle & pinky fingers & 1 Rose Gold Sun Glitter Dusted Accented Nail 1 Bone Ivory & Black Horizontal striped Accented Nail


Jay's// "So you're a doctor," she puased, raised her eyebrows "who smokes?" He luaghed and shook his head. "Naw it was my grandfathers. He made it though, not used it."


For Sale: Sun Glitter Mermaid At The Missouri Botanical Garden by Genevieve Esson | $300 | 18"w 18"h | Original Art | @VangoArt

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My Space Book

Make this cute space book to encourage preschoolers to learn about space and what is in it.