"Maya Sun" print in Yellow Ochre - Framing Available

Happy and uplifting print of a bright, smiling Sun in earthy yellow ochre.

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia-based artist Heng Swee Lim's love to doodle has brought about adorable illustrations that are playfully paired with funny phrases and word puns.

Playfully Adorable Illustrations That Will Make You Smile

Kuala Lampur, by Malaysia-based artist Heng Swee Lim [ "cutest little sun illustration ever! Kuala Lampur, Malaysia-based artist Heng Swee Lim's love to dood

You are my sunshine by Jorey Hurley 20/3/2016 don't know what more to say than that it is stunning.

Fine Art Print. You Are my Sunshine. March 27, 2012

going Danish.

going Danish .Hello and welcome to the world of going Danish, a world of quirky, naive and imaginative illustrations. "going Danish" is Mariann Doherty, a freelance illustrator working and living in Denmark.

Astronomicum Caesarium, 1540 - Petrus Apianus (1495-1552)

An image from Astronomicum Caesareum by Petrus Apianus in This book is a Renaissance, instructive manual explaining the astrolabe and other instruments used in computing plus calculating planetary positions.