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Solar Forest Keeps Cars Cool And Juiced

A "solar forest" designed to charge electric cars with solar panels that follow the sun, and keep the cars below cool and shady. Genius.

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High-speed train gets green boost from two miles of solar panels

16,000 solar panels installed on the roof of the Paris-to-Amsterdam high-speed rail tunnel in Antwerp, Belgium have been officially entered into service - powering the Antwerp and Belgium train network.

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Aalen University Extension / MGF Architekten

Solar control with wood pales, reduce the quantity of temperature and brings a touch of nature in the facade.


Conical Solar Panels . Even for photovoltaic (PV) panels, there’s such a thing as too much sun—when cells overheat, they become less efficient. V3Solar solved that problem with Spin Cell, a conical array that floats on magnets. An outer cone made of specialized lenses concentrates bands of sunlight on an inner cone covered with PV cells. The cells capture light energy but spin away before thermal energy can transfer.


The Solaris Sun Shade is a solar-powered umbrella concept that provides shade while powering a laptop and other gadgets - using solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces with the sun. Designed by José Vicente, the system is equipped with photovoltaic panels that allow users to charge their electronics with clean, renewable energy from the sun while sitting at a beach, park or outdoor cafe.

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Recreate The Sun In One Click With This Lightroom Preset

There is a certain magical quality that is associated with golden hour photography. Generating rich orange tones and dominant sun flares to the same extent of …