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Easy Cinnamon Chip Scone

A perfect Sunday morning in our house includes Cinnamon Scones. These breakfast scones have definitely landed amongst our favorite recipes...a signature dish. A huge key to this dish are the cinnamon chips. We tried several brands but now only use cinnamon chips from King Arthur Flour. We love the quality of their ingredients and the end result is a cinnamon chip scone that is out of this world good! Are you in search of breakfast paradise? These scones are calling your name!


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You are a Friday night and I am a Sunday morning... There will eternally be Saturdays to keep us apart.


i need more than a few relaxed breakfasts like this... reading the newspaper, drinking grapefruit juice, outside on the terrace, in a robe, with coral lipstick. yes please.


Text the romance back, love advice

A simple text like this to the one you love can make a HUGE difference in your relationship. If you're looking to kick it up a notch using texts, take a look at the article inside. <3 #goodmorning #texts #ilovemylsi


Quick Breakfast Casserole

This bacon breakfast casserole is so easy, you'll absolutely love it for Christmas morning. Great to use for weekday morning breakfasts and simple to reheat, too. Or, add it to your brunch recipes menu. You'll be so glad you did. Ingredients include 3 cups hash browns, cheddar cheese, {read more}