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Great analogy! Why not view our loved ones as interesting in whatever ways they choose to express themselves?

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Kwaakari (n) ..the gleam of last night river's surface at dusk; the glow of a river in the darkenss

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It has been a very productive year for photographing Sunflowers here in Colorado and the whole month of August it was primarily what I concentrated on. Captured using my cameras 'in camera HDR' ability combined with using using a CPL and a Grad ND I was able to get the subtle light that I was really aiming for, especially on the petals. Needless to say I was rather over the moon about that, but not quite as much as how I was when the sky began to pop for sunset against the Rocky Mountains.

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Beach sunsets :raised_hands:

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pınterest // @ısabella

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I bet this is every author's fave quote , bc they all follow it exactly . The story of every little fandom out there

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