Super Nintendo SNES Console 16 Bit Retro Gaming System, 2 Controllers, AC Adapter & A/V Cable Hookups: Video Gamer Geek, Kids / Spouse Gift

Super Nintendo SNES Console Retro Video Gaming System, 2 Official Controllers, Super Mario World Game Cartridge & Cables: Plug in and Play! - pinned by

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I wish this official Japanese Super Nintendo which in Japan is known as "Super Famicon" was also the American version.

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NESCE Continued... Other Games : Kirby’s Adventure™ Mario Bros. ™ MEGA MAN® 2 Metroid™ NINJA GAIDEN PAC-MAN™ Punch-Out!! ™ Featuring Mr. Dream StarTropics™ SUPER C™ Super Mario Bros.™ Super Mario Bros. ™ 2 Super Mario Bros. ™ 3 TECMO BOWL The Legend of Zelda™ Zelda II: The Adventure of Link™ So, there are 30 games, look at the other post for other games on it.

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SNES Art Print

SNES - Great machine. Burnt the midnight oil so many times playing SF2 Turbo on this bad boy!

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Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo... Heck yeah Nick and I bought one and still play it haha. And yes, I will school all of you in Super Mario and Donkey Kong lol

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The Nintendo Entertainment System generated a huge resurgence of interest in gaming

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I remember when my brother and I got this for Christmas with Super Mario Sunshine!

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The Game That Sold The SNES – Super Mario World Review

Super Mario World. I was absolutely obsessed!! I would DIE to have this again!!! This game and Donkey Kong would be the only two games I would ever need! Oh and Zelda!!!

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