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Your superhero name and title. My kids thought this was hilarious! Superhero name generator.

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(My name is NIGHT CHOCOLATE!!!! Hahahaha) Superhero name - with foods! But instead of foods we could make our own using giftings, and other biblical words. It would just be fun for the kids.

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XD love this. Tumble. Superhero x Villain. I ship it
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"The Ice Widow Or Black Ice (IDK I’m lousy with creating superhero names xD) Black Widow crossover." - Samantha Dodge

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Hahahaha good point! Thor & the first Cars movie have the same plot

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Superhero program activities. Great ideas for Kickoff, especially this superhero badge that kids can decorate.

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I`m now coughing from reading this while taking a sip of Pepsi!My name is Amazing Marshmallow.Whats yours?

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