Superman by Ivan Tao

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COMICS: SUPERMAN Family Solicitations For July, 2013

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i chose this picture because the new batman vs superman movie trailer was awesome. which got me so excited for it to come out. i really wanted it to come out this year. but sadly is coming out next year. this picture just gets me more motivated for the movie to come out. -Jovanny Villasana

Batman v Superman Trailer Is Awesome Says Junkie XL

Superman - Infinite Crisis

Superman (Prime)

Superman art from Infinite Crisis game <<< This is what I hope the "tweaked" suit looks like. Maybe not the armor but I reeeeeally like the collar and the belt. It only helps that this pic looks like Henry Cavill, too ;


Superman Artwork

Superman // cover artwork for Action Comics // Pencils by Renato Guedes, Inks by Jose Wilson Magalhaes, Colors by Ryan Christopher Lord (~RyanLord,