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Superman Real Name

from The Big Bang Theory Wiki

The White Asparagus Triangulation

Leonard frequently uses the password Kal-El, Superman's real name.

from Slate Magazine

Batman bin Suparman Arrested on Drug Charges. Here's How He Got His Name.

Batman Bin Suparman, b. 1990 in Singapore. I've also mentioned him on the blog:

SupermanAh dammit, some douche changes all the names in my contact list, so who is this? | Well, what's my contact name? | Superman | LEAVE IT !! THAT'S MY REAL NAME!! | lol. but seriously, who is this, and don't say superman. | Alright then, Clark Kent.

10 Illegal & Banned Baby Names Around the World. These unusual top ten names are illegal in certain countries. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, 4Real, @, Smelly Head. rarest weirdest names not allowed,list of bad names,wrong baby names,weird shocking names,disapproved names like Superman

Does your name starts from "S"? Or are you just a fun of superman ?

from DC Comics Extended Universe Wiki


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