*Dean Winchester crying in the distance*                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Oh my Chuck.... *facepalms*<<< that comment yaaaaaas
I can't see any fail here #pie for dean #don't you cry no more
'Supernatural': 4 Exclusive Photos
Yeah, I can see Dean stepping on that pie before taking the first bite that burns his demonic insides
Quote from Supernatural 12x05 │  Sam Winchester: So what are you thinkin’, scrambled or fried? Dean Winchester: I’m not really hungry right now. Sam Winchester: Y-you’re not that… How about some pie? Dean Winchester: Maybe later. Kind of in the middle of something. Sam Winchester: All right, dude, something’s wrong.
'The Life of Pie' starring Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, and Castiel. Directed by Phan Gurling. Written by Chuck Shurley. Produced by Lucy Fer.
supernatural killed Hitler awesome season 12
Supernatural. Tangled. Yessssss
Just pie. #Supernatural